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  • kid holding dodgeball balls


    There’s no better place to enjoy Dodgeball than here at Adventure Zone. Bring your kids here for an amazing experience. They get to play dodgeball while jumping on a trampoline! Sounds fun right? Our dodgeball courts are great for Parties and group events as well.

  • kids jumping on a trampoline

    Main Jump

    Come in and compete with your kids and friends at jumping. This facility allows you jump together while performing awesome moves in the process. Do not worry, nobody would get injured, as our jump patrol guys monitor the area for safe play!

  • kids playing battle beam

    Battle Beam

    A test of strength, stamina and determination! This facility sees contestants battle with our quality airbag and paddle poles to see who will be the first to get knocked off!
    Cheer your kid to victory!

  • kid playing basketball

    Adventure Jam

    The best basketball players are renowned for jumping very high. Our Adventure Jam facility allows you Jam like the best NBA players. Our trampoline beds allow you jump so high and slam a windmill dunk. Bring your kids to come show off their dunking skills today.

  • Child jumping trampoline

    Air Bag

    Jump. Fly. Flip. Our thrilling state-of-the-art airbag is all you and your kids need for the ultimate jumping fun. Come right out, flip back in, and jump like you would land on a cloud. Well, you would actually land on a cloud.

  • kids playing in the arcade

    Adventure Arcade

    Win amazing prizes by competing with family and friends for the most tickets. This is one hell-uva game you wouldn’t want to miss. Redeem your tickets at our redemption counter, and smile home a winner!

  • kids climbing

    Vertical Adventure

    Do you, your kids or your relatives love to climb? Then this one is for you! The first climber to ring the buzzer wins this competition. Easy right? There’s different climbing lanes for adults and children. A game for everyone!

  • Friends eating pizza together

    Café Cravy

    All games and no food makes Jack a dull boy! Yeah, we said it!
    Re-energize for another round of games with a quick bite at our Café Cravy. We have everything you need to fuel your fun, from pizzas, fountain drinks, snacks, ice cream, slushies and more!